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Did you know there’s an Alabama law against driving blindfolded? Or that in Dublin, Georgia, lawmakers somehow felt compelled to stipulate that driving through playgrounds is illegal? These are just two of the United States’ many strange road rules that range from the oddly specific to the wacky or outlandish. Test your knowledge of peculiar American driving regulations with this fun, informative quiz.

  • 1. Curse while you’re stuck in traffic in this small city, and you could get cited for a misdemeanor:

    (A)Evanston, Illinois

    (B)Mountain View, California

    (C)Sarasota, Florida

    (D)Rockville, Maryland

  • 2. In Alabama, you can legally drive a nonemergency vehicle the wrong way down a one-way street if you have:

    (A)A state flag sticker on a rear window

    (B)A lantern attached to the front of your vehicle

    (C)A life-threatening emergency

    (D)None of the above

  • 3. In which suburb is it illegal to honk another driver’s horn?

    (A)University City, Missouri

    (B)Burlingame, California

    (C)Peachtree Corners, Georgia

    (D)Bronxville, New York

  • 4. In which state is it illegal to drive with a gorilla in the backseat?




    (D)South Dakota

  • 5. You should beware of driving a truck with muddy or sticky tires in:

    (A)Scottsdale, Arizona

    (B)Stamford, Connecticut

    (C)Minnetonka, Minnesota

    (D)Arlington, Virginia

  • 6. In which state can lawmakers drive as fast as they want to when the legislature is in session, without risking a speeding ticket?





  • 7. In Marietta, Georgia, it’s illegal to spit from the following vehicles:

    (A)Cars and buses

    (B)Trucks and motorcycles

    (C)Cars and motorcycles

    (D)Buses and trucks