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Are you in Good Hands?


The average American drives roughly 29.2 miles per day. Beyond the daily commute, many of us travel frequently for work, often eating meals or taking meetings from the confines of our cars. As a result of time spent behind the wheel, things can get messy. Here’s how to clear the clutter and keep your vehicle in top shape for both safety and convenience.

Safety First Check your emergency car kit
You should already have an emergency car kit on hand; now’s the time to make sure it’s properly stocked. Check that first aid supplies aren’t expired, that jumper cables and foam tire sealant are intact, then stash it in your trunk, since it’s not an item you’ll need regularly.

Stock the glove box
The glove box should hold the essentials you don’t often reach for, notably a tire-pressure gauge, the owner’s manual and manufacturer repair log, Allstate’s claim worksheet and proof of insurance (keep the title at home, and the registration in your wallet).

Can’t find your auto insurance cards? Click here to print or download now.

Create an oops-proof stash
Not every emergency is a roadside emergency; sometimes you just need to wipe up spilled coffee. Stash supplies—hand wipes, tissues and stain remover—in a small, clear plastic toiletry bag in the front console for mishaps and spontaneous moments.

Keep driver essentials within reach
Sunglasses, phone chargers, change, parking permits—whatever items you need at least once a week should be easily accessible in the middle console or another storage spot you can reach while in the driver’s seat.

Organize Your Space Clear clutter
Retrieve empty water bottles from under the seats, collect all loose change, crumpled napkins and faded gas station receipts. Doing so will help you easily organize the items that need to go back in the car.

Get garbage out
Whether you buy an auto trash bin, or simply keep a few gallon zipper bags in the door pocket, create a place to throw tissues, gum wrappers and half-eaten bananas that isn’t the floor.

Stash cleaning supplies
Funny how you only notice that dusty dashboard or smudged windshield when you’re pulling out of the driveway. The solve: Store a microfiber cloth in the car. Keep it flat in a gallon zipper bag under your seat.

Maximize space
Take advantage of the back of the front seats by hanging clear plastic over-the-door shoe organizers on them. (Loop around the headrest and cut length to fit.) Use it to corral extras like bottles of water, snacks, or tissues.