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Are you in Good Hands?


Everybody wants to pursue an environmentally friendly lifestyle, but for people who depend on their cars, sometimes it’s hard to put ecological responsibility ahead of day-to-day reality. The good news is that it’s easier to steer yourself toward sustainability than you might think.

Develop Good Driving Habits Any good road map needs a basic starting point. Keep your engine off when you’re sitting still to avoid the consumption of excess gas and limit unnecessary emissions. And drive at a reasonable pace to avoid stop-on-a-dime sudden braking and rocket-style accelerations—these burn fuel and beat up your ride.

Did You Know?

If the tires of every vehicle in America were properly inflated, we could save an estimated 1.2 billion gallons of gas a year.

Don’t Be a Drag Minimizing unnecessary resistance will keep you from overworking your engine and guzzling gas needlessly. Remove extras like roof racks and trailers whenever you’re not using them.
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Lose the Junk in the Trunk (of Your Car) Excess baggage in your trunk or backseat weighs down your vehicle and reduces fuel economy. Getting rid of the extra ballast will streamline your ride and lower gas bills.

Get and Stay in Tune Regular trips to your mechanic for maintenance, tune-ups, and simple stuff like getting your tires checked and air filters replaced will translate into better gas mileage, and allow you to avoid bigger problems down the road.

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Get Pumped Consult your manual to know how much pressure your tires need, and make sure to have them checked each time you go to the service station. You’ll use less fuel to travel the same distance, and your engine will endure less stress and gain a longer life in the bargain.

Minimize Your Trips Don’t hit the highway every time you need to pick up a quart of milk! Try to combine your weekly errands and consolidate your trips to minimize your time spent behind the wheel. This will cut back on carbon emissions and will save you money on not just gas but by cutting down on opportunities to make impulse shopping buys as well.

Changing an air filter is something you can do at home.