Are you in Good Hands?
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Are you in Good Hands?


  • 1. You’re driving down the highway and your tire blows. What is the first thing you should do?

    (A)Keep driving until the next exit

    (B)Turn up the radio and ignore it

    (C)Pull over to the safest spot on shoulder

    (D)Call roadside assistance even before pulling over

  • 2. Which of the items listed below is NOT required to change a flat tire?

    (A)Spare tire



    (D)Lug wrench

  • 3. When tightening the lug nuts, which pattern should you work in?

    (A)Circle, clockwise from top

    (B)Circle, counterclockwise from top

    (C)Star, starting at the top and moving at a diagonal from nut to nut

    (D)Doesn’t matter, just tighten and go!

  • 4. You pry off the hubcap with the sharp end of the lug wrench.



  • 5. After placing the warning triangle off to the side of the car and making sure the emergency brake is on, what is your next step?

    (A)Raise the car with the jack

    (B)Loosen the lug nuts

    (C)Remove lug nuts

    (D)Wave someone down and ask for help

  • 6. A full-size spare tire is safer to use than a temporary spare tire.



  • 7. You’ve gathered your tools and loosened the lug nuts. What is the next step?

    (A)Raise the car with the jack

    (B)Remove the lug nuts

    (C)Make sure you have adequate fuel supply

    (D)Keep waiting for roadside assistance

  • 8. After raising the car off the ground with the jack, the next step is:

    (A)Get underneath the car to check for any damage

    (B)Remove the flat tire and replace it with the spare

    (C)Jump up and down on the car to make sure the jack is adequately securing the car

    (D)Make sure your warning triangle is still in a good spot

  • 9. You’ve put the tire on. Congrats! You’re almost there. But what do you do after that?

    (A)Put the tools back in the trunk

    (B)Screw the lug nuts on tightly

    (C)Take a break. You’ve been working hard

    (D)Lower the car with the jack

  • 10. With the car lowered to the ground and the lug nuts now tightened, what’s the next step?

    (A)Turn on the car and move forward a few feet to make sure the spare tire is on properly

    (B)Put the tools back in the trunk and clean up the area

    (C)Raise the car up again with the jack and spin the tire

    (D)High five a passerby