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Everybody's thrilled by the lower prices at the pump these days, right?

Gas prices have dipped below the $2 a gallon mark for the first time in years in parts of the country, and consumers coast-to-coast are celebrating.

But believe it or not, there are potholes in this newfound prosperity.

It Puts More Drivers on the Road More drivers willing to hit the highway because they don't have to dig deeper into their pockets to refuel? That means more traffic. More traffic means more congestion and gridlock. More gridlock means more delays. You'd better leave yourself more time to get to work!

Did You Know?

1.12 pounds of pollutants that every gallon of gasoline burned puts into the air

More Cars on the Road Lead to More Accidents A drop in prices may not only increase the number of drivers, but it may also increase the number of younger, inexperienced drivers, because they can now afford to buy gas. Although you should always be careful on the road, more drivers means you need extra caution.

More Gas Means More Smog If more people can afford to drive more, that's so many more singed hydrocarbons floating up into the atmosphere. Burning one gallon of gasoline emits 20 pounds of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that the overwhelming majority of climate scientists have linked to global warming.

It Could Hurt Hybrid Sales Consumer interest in fuel economy wanes when gas prices drop. In fact, sales for hybrid models decreased significantly at the end of 2014.

It Creates a False Sense of Security What goes down, must go up! It's inevitable that prices will jump sooner or later. Last fall, as hybrid and electric vehicle sales fell, the demand for pickups and SUVs rose nearly 10%. So while tooling around in a gas-guzzler may have seemed like a good idea when prices were dipping under $2 a gallon, that hybrid will look pretty appealing when prices climb back to $4.