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For many Americans, setting aside funds for long- and short-term goals is difficult. How much should you save each year? Experts advise saving between 15 percent and 20 percent of your annual income. Not sure where to start? Here are 11 easy, sustainable practices that can boost your annual savings all year long.

Tip 1: Bring Your Own Lunch Save an average of $100 a month by bringing lunch to work rather than eating out.
Annual savings boost: $1,200

Tip 2: Make Your Own Latte At home java costs an average of 18-cents per cup versus $2 for a regular cup of Joe at your local coffee shop.
Annual savings boost: $436.80

Tip 3: Bank Your Tax Return File online, set up a direct deposit into your savings account, and receive a gratifying lift without a lot of extra effort.
Annual savings boost: $2,800 (based on national averages for 2017)

Tip 4: Increase Your 401(k) Contribution By upping savings into your 401(k) by just 1 percent, you will not only increase your retirement funds, but you’ll also decrease the amount of income on which you pay tax.
Annual savings boost: $500 (based on $50,000 at 1 percent)*

Tip 5: Get a Side Gig Ride-share drivers make an average of $20/hour (before taxes). Shopping services, freelance writing and design are all ways to turn a few extra hours into cash. An average of $400 per month in gig-earnings adds up! Just make sure to check with your employer first.
Annual savings boost: $4,800

Tip 6: Fund Your HSA Health savings account (HSA) contributions are taken out before payroll taxes. For example, at a tax rate of 30 percent (25 percent federal and 5 percent state), saving $100 a month in an HSA will lessen your income tax bill by $360.
Annual savings boost: $360*

Tip 7: Share the Ride Depending upon the commute, carpooling can save as much as $1,500 a year. You can calculate your potential savings at
Annual savings boost: $1,500*

Tip 8: Cut Out Cable A quick way to find savings is to reassess your full-service cable TV package. Instead, opt for a la carte streaming services that allow you to watch movies and television simply by connecting to your WiFi.
Annual savings boost: $1,200 (based on an average cost of $100/month)

Tip 9: Stick to Your List On average, Americans spend a whopping $450 a month on unplanned, impulse items. Save big by making a budget, sticking to your shopping list and using coupons.
Annual savings boost: $5,400*

Tip 10: Drink Water The average American household spends more than $16 a week on soft drinks. Carrying a reusable water bottle saves money and waste.
Annual savings boost: $850*

Tip 11: Maintain the Speed Limit Want to speed up savings? Slow down. Studies show that aggressive drivers burn 10 percent to 40 percent more fuel, depending upon traffic conditions.
Annual savings boots: $750*

*Average percentages based on the data provided, your savings may vary

Did You Know?

Twenty-nine percent of all US households have less than$1,000 in savings, according to a report by MagnifyMoney.