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Headed overseas? Then it’s time to get smart on conversion rates, foreign transaction fees and traveler’s checks to help ensure smooth sailing. This handy quiz will provide helpful money tips and exchange rate advice.

Did You Know?

According to the National Travel and Tourism Office, a record number of Americans traveled abroad in 2016—nearly 67 million people.




  • How should you carry money overseas?

    (A)Traveler’s checks

    (B)Credit Cards

    (C)Debit cards and cash

    (D)All of the above

  • What is the most common foreign transaction fee on a credit card?




    (D)Trick question! There is none

  • If given the option to pay in US dollars vs. local currency, which should you generally choose?

    (A)US dollars

    (B)Local currency

    (C)Doesn’t matter

  • How should you prepare your credit card before going abroad?

    (A)Tell your issuer where you’re going

    (B)Make sure it is updated with a secure chip and PIN

    (C)Make sure your credit card doesn’t have a foreign transaction fee

    (D)All of the above

  • What should you do with leftover foreign coins?

    (A)Treat yourself at the airport

    (B)Donate them to a charitable organization

    (C)Sell them online

    (D)All of the above

  • What country does the “baht” belong to?

    (A)Sri Lanka




  • What country does the “won” belong to?


    (B)South Korea



  • What country does the “rand” belong to?



    (C)South Africa