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Are you in Good Hands?


  • ImPuLSE contRoL: A NeW sMARTPhoNe you Love jusT cAMe ouT. youR oLd PhoNe Is oNLy A yeAR oLd. so you…

    (A) Move along. My screen may be cracked, but hey, this thing still makes calls!

    (B) Try to walk on by, but can’t help myself. Hey, I deserve it.

    (C) Wait it out. If I have extra cash at the end of the month, I’ll buy it then.

    (D) Stand in line on day one. Some things are worth the credit card bill.

  • SaVIngS SaVVy: WheRe do MosT oF youR INvesTMeNTs ANd sAvINGs LIve?

    (A)A combination of checking, saving, CDs and money market accounts.

    (B)Split between the bank and high-risk stocks.

    (C)A diverse portfolio of bank accounts, bonds, CDs, mutual funds and stocks.

    (D)When I save money, it goes into my savings account.

  • EXPENSES: You’re sitting in front of your bills. What happens next?

    (A)It’s a snap. My expenses are really low.

    (B)Can you say “sticker shock"? But I usually find some way to pay them off.

    (C)I review them, usually find nothing surprising, and pay them off in full.

    (D)Is everything covered? No. But I make the minimum payment on my cards.

  • EMERGENCIES: You can’t work for a couple of months. How do you cover your expenses?

    (A)My nest egg is ready for all medical, domestic and other emergencies.

    (B)Yeesh. Maybe there’s enough in my checking account?

    (C)The emergency fund has three or four months of living expenses in it.

    (D)Can I phone a friend? Yeah, friends and family will probably help me out.

  • DIGGING OUT: How much do you owe?

    (A)As little as possible. No credit card debt. I hate owing money.

    (B)Hmmm…basic mortgage, car payments, student loans, a few cards? I think?

    (C)A mortgage, a loan, credit cards. But everything gets paid on time.

    (D)Kind of a lot. Credit card debt keeps me up some nights.

  • Mito o Verdad: Tienes que cambiar el aceite cada 7,500 millas.



  • BUDGETING: Do you know how much you spend each month?

    (A)Oh yeah. And it teaches me where to save more and spend less.

    (B)Budget, schmudget. Everything usually works out.

    (C)I mostly stick to my budget. I have a good sense of what I can afford.

    (D)Sometimes I buy things I can’t really afford. But that’s life.

  • SAVINGS: 401(k)? IRA? 529? All three?

    (A)I’m socking away as much as I possibly can.

    (B)A windfall might go in my IRA. But you know, it might not.

    (C)I often save for tuition or retirement. But the occasional splurge doesn’t hurt.

    (D)What do those letters and numbers even mean? It’s hard for me to save at all.

  • SPLURGES: When did you last buy something because you really, really wanted it?

    (A)Do soap and shampoo count?

    (B)A couple of weeks ago? A splurge feels great, but I try to think of my bank account.

    (C)Been a while. But if the price is right, and I have discretionary cash, I’ll do it.

    (D)Like, yesterday. It’s a way of life I’m comfortable with.