Are you in Good Hands?
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Are you in Good Hands?


That shiny car looks great coming up your driveway for the first time. But how long does the honeymoon really last? Most people take their cars for granted after a while, and when they’re ready to resell, that well-loved vehicle is looking far from fresh.

So what are the things to avoid if you’d like to get the best resale value for your old car?

Ditching Repair Records If you can’t prove it’s been well taken care of, you’ll have a tough time getting top dollar. Only drivers who note all checkups, tire replacements, repairs and tune-ups will attract the best buyers.

Did You Know?

40 The number in millions of used cars that change hands per year.

Getting Too Personal Neon yellow or a princely purple may have seemed like a great idea to your inner teenager, but they don’t sell so well to real-world grown-ups. Used cars in black, gray and silver tend to sell better. And you should avoid turning your Mazda into a Monster Truck—aftermarket modifications and accessories almost never recoup their cost, and may even turn someone off. They can also interfere with a car’s warranty.

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Trashing Your Interior If the upholstery is torn or the seats smell funky, it doesn’t matter how the exterior shines. Smoking is one of the worst things to happen to the inside of a car, as it leaves a film and odor. Stains from food take a close second.

Mixing and Matching Tires Not everyone is in the habit of replacing old tires with the same brand and tread as the originals. And many car owners don’t regularly rotate their tires, so the wear and tear isn’t even through the set. But when it comes time to resell, it’s best if your tires match and have been rotated as needed.

Leaving the Dings Every little nick basically counts as a discount sticker for any future buyer. Stay on top of bigger body repairs, too, to make sure you don’t lose money on them later. Just make sure any replacement parts match the rest of your car.


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