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Are you in Good Hands?


Believe it or not, billions of data points are collected daily from online behavior. The time you spend online contributes to your digital footprint that is left behind even after you log off. To find out how large your digital footprint might be, take this quiz then learn how to minimize it going forward.

Did You Know?

Phishing attacks are on the rise. Over half of internet users get at least one phishing email per day, and they cost organizations around the globe $4.5 billion every year.




  • What’s the best way to minimize the personal data that’s available about you?

    (A)Use privacy settings and avoid oversharing on social media accounts, online shopping sites, email and more.

    (B)Use a consistent password for all your accounts.

    (C)Google yourself and see what appears.

    (D)Use a VPN whenever you browse.

  • Data within your digital footprint can be analyzed to figure out:

    (A)What you like and what you don’t.

    (B)Who you are.

    (C)What you might buy today, tomorrow, or next month.

    (D)All of the above.

  • What’s the best way to manage your browser’s cookies?

    (A)Decline when you’re asked if cookies should be enabled.

    (B)Ignore them because cookies can provide useful shortcuts to identifying you online.

    (C)Regularly review all your browsers’ cookies.

    (D)Stick with only one browser.

  • Which of the following activities should you avoid doing on public Wi-Fi?

    (A)Going on social media sites.

    (B)Shopping or banking.

    (C)Reading the news.

    (D)Looking for local restaurants or museums when you’re traveling.

  • What’s an effective approach to creating passwords for online accounts?

    (A)Make them memorable by incorporating dates or names that are meaningful to you.

    (B)Use a unique combo of upper and lower case letters, numbers, words, and symbols for each one.

    (C)Come up with one password for all accounts.

    (D)Use a password manager with a single difficult-to-memorize (hence, difficult-to-crack) password to store all your other passwords.

    (E)B & D