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Though starting a new chapter is exciting, moving can feel like one of the most stressful experiences in life. From purging your unwanted items to organizing your new place, a smooth move is best done in simplified steps.

1. Make a List Knowing exactly what you need to do to get from Point A to Point B is crucial to organizing—and it can alleviate stress. Start with a general list that includes action items such as “clean out bathroom closet” and “donate toys.”

2. Time It Right A timeline ensures that you’re not left rushing in the days before your move. Break it out by months, then weeks, and then days. For example, two months before moving day you may list “de-clutter bedrooms” and “sign contract with movers.” The week of your move, the timeline will remind you to “pack an overnight bag” and “confirm cable appointment at the new house.”

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3. Make a Record Even those of us who seem to remember everything may find that our recollections are hazy during the stress of a move. By taking photos and measurements of your new space, you’ll have a way of referencing back while preparing for the big day.

4. Prep Your New Place Arrange for any painting, cleaning and fixing of your new home to be done before you move in. This way, you can simply focus on getting settled in your space once the moving truck drives away.

5. Pack Strategically

Did You Know?

The average person moves around 11 times in their lifetime.

Choose boxes that are specifically designed for what it is you’re packing: boxes with dividers for glasses and mugs, reinforced boxes for books, and plastic bins for long-term storage. Keep a few boxes aside for items you’ll need right away: clean clothes for the days after the move, toiletries, and important contracts—such as a lease.

6. Ask for Help Many hands make light work, and having friends help with your move doesn’t just relieve the workload—it can make for a less stressful and dare we say “fun” day.

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