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Here’s a case for an update to your décor: The hues you use in your home can influence your mood, energy level, appetite and sociability. In general, brighter, bolder colors have more energizing effects, while softer more muted shades are more relaxing. Use color to create a warm environment with no major remodeling. Here’s how to set the right mood in seven rooms in your home.

Living Room Mood: Exciting
For your entertaining space, consider an infusion of jewel tones (a radiant ruby, emerald green, sapphire blue or amethyst) on the walls, furniture or accessories. Or, if your style tends to gravitate toward neutrals, add a bit of whimsy with bright rose or grass green throw pillows.

Dining Room Mood: Satisfying
Let food’s natural colors be your guide. To stimulate appetites, choose linens the color of fruits—plum, papaya, guava, red or purple grapes. Include a vase with fresh flowers or candles that feature warm gem tones or bursts of spicy colors like paprika or curry.

Kitchen Mood: Happy
Sunny yellow walls can make this space—a gathering spot for family and guests—feel welcoming. If your kitchen has a modern, contemporary feel, a pale, slate gray on the walls can add to the sleek look and impart a sense of calm, quiet and composure—add a bowl of citrus fruit as a pop of color.

Den Mood: Cozy
A deep brown, a rich burgundy or a vivid eggplant can impart a sense of warmth, luxury and coziness. Consider adding a piece of mahogany furniture, place warm walnut-colored picture frames around the room, or include wine-colored pillows.

Home Office Mood: Creative
The color purple can spark creativity and passion so consider incorporating hues into your office space via a vase or picture frame. Green has been found to enhance people’s creative performance on tasks, so keep a potted plant like a succulent on your desk.

Bathroom Mood: Refreshing
To give your bathroom a refreshing, spa-like vibe, consider adding towels, accessories (soap dish, wastebasket and the like) or a bath mat in a soft sage green, a soothing blue or a light rose—these colors create a peaceful feeling that can help you de-stress.

Bedroom Mood: Relaxing
If you want to create a nurturing, happy vibe in the room where you sleep, consider painting your bedroom walls a warm apricot or mango. If you crave tranquility and serenity in your bedroom, opt instead for a soothing blue (think: sea blue or dusk blue) comforter and throw pillows.