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Are you in Good Hands?


  • 1. How would you describe your sleep pattern?

    (A)I like to stay up late

    (B)Work and play hard all day and crash at night

    (C)Up with the sun

    (D)Life is short—who needs sleep?

  • 2. What’s your favorite way to burn calories?

    (A)In the studio: spin, weight lifting, pilates

    (B)In a parka: skiing, snowboarding, ice skating

    (C)In the sun: cycling, running, soccer

    (D)On the water: kayaking, surfing, swimming

  • 3. What was the best part of your last vacation?

    (A)Five-star restaurant meals

    (B)Amazing views

    (C)Going off the grid

    (D)Cocktails at sunset

  • 4. Your ideal wheels?

    (A)Trick question! Two feet (walk or pedaling a bike)

    (B)As long as it’s got all-wheel drive, I’m happy

    (C)An SUV with plenty of cargo room

    (D)A convertible

  • 5. In a past life you were a…?


    (B)Renowned adventurer

    (C)B&B owner

    (D)Independently wealthy beach bum

  • 6. At a party, friends will find you…?

    (A)Swapping business cards

    (B)Off to the side, people-watching

    (C)Regaling the group with a witty story

    (D)Making introductions

  • 7. Your favorite seat in the house is…?

    (A)In the kitchen, in the center of the action

    (B)In a quiet nook

    (C)In the garden

    (D)On the front porch

  • 8. What is your go-to comfort food?

    (A)This year, meatballs. Last year, lobster mac and cheese

    (B)Chicken and dumplings

    (C)A perfectly cooked steak

    (D)Fried oysters (or shrimp, or clams…)

  • 9. With a free day to yourself, the first activity on your list would be…?

    (A)Hit the museum

    (B)Go for a scenic drive

    (C)Do some antiquing

    (D)Take a book to the nearest body of water

  • 10. On your list of life’s necessities…?


    (B)Occasional hard-core solitude

    (C)Respecting the planet

    (D)A readily available view of the horizon