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If your daily commute means walking from your bedroom to your study, you’re not alone. While potentially comfy, home-based business also comes with distractions. Use these tips to create a peaceful, productive work environment.

1. Sanctify your space.If your desk is directly in front of a window, your mind might start to wander. Feng shui rules say it should face a door with your back to a wall, putting you in the command position—the greatest visual control of your space. Close the door to signal you’re working (if the room doesn’t have a door, try a folding screen).

2. Develop your sound.Find peace with noise-canceling or noise-isolating headphones. If you concentrate best with ambient sound, use a white noise or soothing nature sound machine, or make a playlist of mood-pleasing tunes.

3. Anticipate interruptions.Thwart routine interruptions with these tips:

  • Prepack after-school snacks your kids can grab when they get home.
  • Preauthorizing deliveries to be left on the porch or with your doorman.
  • Use an app to block distracting websites you specify (social media, blogs, etc.) for a set amount of time.

Most homeowner’s policies don’t cover home-based business needs. If you’re running a business out of your home, talk to your Allstate Agent or click here to learn more.

4. Map your energy.Tackle tasks when you know you’re most productive. Track productivity with wearable technology or apps, or take a DIY approach with a spreadsheet: Record how you’re feeling throughout the day using one hour increments. Rate your stamina from 10 (jazzed!) to 0 (brain-dead). Try this for a few weeks, then chart your most and least productive times of day.

5. Set your boundaries.Whether you juggle a job around your own energy patterns or your child’s school time or naps, schedule your own work hours. Let your coworkers or clients know when you’re available. Decide when it’s best for you to return phone calls or answer email, and include these times on your voicemail or automatic email reply. Make quitting time a regular routine, too. When you power down your computer as planned, you can mentally recharge your own batteries for the next workday.