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Are you in Good Hands?


How well can you sniff out a problem in your house? Masking a stink won’t eliminate it, and some smells are warnings of a more hazardous issue.

See what your nose knows, and test your odor IQ.

1) A smell like rotten eggs hovers around your kitchen. The most likely cause is:
  1. a) A rotten egg in the fridge
  2. b) A rubber seal in the sink
  3. c) A fuel leak from your electric stove
  4. d) Any of the above
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2) Your new carpet looks great, but gives off a sharp scent. The best way to remove the chemical tang is to:
  1. a) Sprinkle on baking soda, then vacuum it up after a few hours
  2. b) Spray with a commercial carpet deodorizer
  3. c) Steam-clean with a HEPA filterable vacuum
  4. d) Try each of those methods, in order
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3) You’ve just finished dusting and vacuuming, but your entire home still smells musty. So you:
  1. a) Hunt for dust bunnies under the bed
  2. b) Duck into your ductwork
  3. c) Replace the filter in your vacuum
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4) It’s summertime, and your house has come down with “dirty sock syndrome.” The stinky source isn’t your son’s bedroom, it’s…
  1. a) Your air conditioner
  2. b) Your bathroom drains
  3. c) Your laundry room
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5) About that mildewy smell in the laundry room. What do you check first?
  1. a) Your top-loading dryer
  2. b) Your front-loading washing machine
  3. c) Your dirty-towel basket
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Your septic system is in fine working order, so why that sewer stench all through the house? You’ll find the answer:
  1. a) In the basement
  2. b) On the roof
  3. c) In your shower
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