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Kids these days are doing inspiring things! Like leading real projects that support social causes around the globe, all from their local schools. Across the country, students are stepping up to help their local communities and making the world a better place. The We Day youth education and empowerment programs inspire students nationwide to bring good to people’s lives through acts of service. Allstate celebrates the next generation of leaders with a co-title sponsorship of We Day.


See how the We Day programs bring together students who have made a difference in their communities and in the world around them.

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As a reward for their commitment to service, We Day brings kids together for a high-energy event that features musicians, celebrities and inspirational speakers — because young people doing good is a great cause for celebration.

Did You Know?

2M+ students engaged in We Schools in support of 1,000+ causes
91% of educators said their students felt strongly that their actions made a difference

Acting Locally… In Chicago, 180 teens wanted to tell their community about the ways to solve problems without violence. So they found creative ways to get their message across — like building sand castles for awareness. The same group then helped organize a food drive sponsored by the Chicago Park District and We Day. They collected hundreds of nonperishables for a local food pantry.

...And Thinking Globally A group of fourth graders in Atherton, California learned about the problems that children in Kenya face. So they decided to help them get a better education. These 9- and 10-year-olds organized bake sales, hikes, coin drives and a raffle. In the end, they collected more than $8,000 — which went toward building their Kenyan friends a new school.

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We Schools is coming to a town near you! Any school (or youth group) can sign up for the free We Schools program. Find out more about how your child’s school can register here.

All for One and One for All All of this energy comes together at We Day events. Every year, 200,000 budding young philanthropists earn free tickets to We Day celebrations, which take place in 14 cities across the U.S., Canada and the UK.

In 2015, these energetic events were held in California, Minnesota, Washington, and Illinois. The 2016 calendar is underway, and locations will continue to grow. The legacy of change is clear. “Eighty percent of We Day program alumni continue to volunteer,” says Craig Kielburger, one of the founders of the event. “We Day provides young people in North America with a platform to learn about international issues while celebrating the meaningful contribution they’re making to better our world.”

Inspired yet? See how you can get involved at We Day and watch We Day on ABC, August 21 at 8 pm ET.